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    Wacker Neuson - all it takes!

    The Wacker Neuson Group is a leading manufacturer of compact and construction machines. We offer our worldwide customers a broad product range and extensive services. Since our founding in 1848 – at the time known under the name “Wacker” – we have grown into an internationally operating group of companies with a dense worldwide sales and service partner network. Our reputation is essentially determined by the actions, appearance and behavior of every individual. As diverse as the employees of Wacker Neuson may be, the basis of action is always to make a consistent and sustainable contribution to the future. The goal is to meet the wide variety of requirements and needs of customers around the world.

    Wacker Neuson’s corporate culture

    Our corporate values are: Expertise, enthusiasm, entrepreneurship and agility. But what does this mean for you? We find new paths for you to take. We strive for the highest quality and continuous optimization. We understand the benefits that our machines and services provide for you. As a medium-sized group, we work with enthusiasm and passion. We promise your satisfaction.

    We promise your satisfaction

    Wacker Neuson's daily activities are characterized by a wide range of challenges and application areas. We always need to meet these requirements, and remain focused on the success of our customers in the construction industry when it comes to our thinking, action and response. We have everything that the compact and construction machines need to meet your requirements.

    Compact and construction machines to meet your needs

    We use your requirements as our benchmark. We act with a view to the future with a consistently high quality standard, True to the motto “All it takes” in order to meet your requirements and exceed these in the best case. On the following pages, you can find our entire product portfolio and other services offered.

    Rely on Wacker Neuson’s innovative products to have all it takes to get the job done efficiently and economically.

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